Characteristics of the main directions of scientific and research work:

The activity of the Institute of Building Materials and Structures L-1 is mainly related to experimental research of building materials and construction elements (often on a full scale), verifying their properties and calculation models, constituting a necessary element of technical and technological progress. The Institute's laboratories enable conducting scientific and research works as part of own research, statutory activity, grants and research works for the industry.

Scientific and research works carried out by individual units of the Institute as part of their own research, statutory activity, grants and research works for the benefit of the industry cover a wide range of issues from the discipline Construction:

- Building materials and products, including concrete technology, materials chemistry, modification of properties, technological issues, design of properties and durability and its conditions;

- Energy-efficient and sustainable construction: material solutions, theoretical and experimental research in the design and construction of buildings and partitions with low energy demand and low-energy intelligent buildings;

- Experimental research, design of building and engineering elements and structures: reinforced and prestressed concrete, metal, masonry and wooden, as well as composite structures;

- Innovations in the field of modular and prefabricated construction technologies and methods of modernization of large-panel buildings and housing estates;

- Numerical analysis of building and engineering structures in terms of deformation and load bearing capacity including environmental influences, chemo-mechanical interactions and fire conditions;

- Innovative methods of materials and structure diagnostics as well as modern methods of repairs and reinforcements of building and engineering structures, including historical objects;

- Analysis of dynamic response of bridge structures and methods of passive and active vibration reduction.


Selected research projects carried out at the Institute of Building Materials and Structures:

Research Found for Coal and Steel: GRISPE PLUS, Valorisation of knowledge for specific profiled steel sheets Research Fund for Coal and Steel – partner projektu Cracow University of Technology, project manager CUT- dr hab. inż. Mariusz Maślak, prof PK

POIR.04.01.04-00-0057/15-00 Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 POIR, 04.01.04-00-005715 “Technology of fiber reinforced soil-concrete walls for implementation as a construction of excavation support structures”, project manager CUT dr inż. Tomasz Tracz

PRELUDIUM 12, NCN National Research Centre, 2016/23/N/ST8/01155 “Influence of restraint of thermal strains on characteristic of concrete spalling in fire.” Principal investigator - mgr inż. Katarzyna Mróz,

POIG.01.01.02-106 / 09-01, Innovative measures and effective methods to improve the safety and durability of buildings and transport infrastructure in the sustainable development strategy "Theme Package PT 3.2: Modeling of environmental interactions (sulfate corrosion, alkali-aggregate reaction, elevated temperature ) and mechanical influences on materials with a cement matrix - the level of the material point and the level of the structural element ", UE (01/04/2010 - 30/06/2014), project manager - dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Winnicki, prof. PK

No. 1/2014 / GPK register no. PK A-4/118/2014 / P: "Research on the development of conservation methods, protection and reinforcement of structures, finishing elements and soil foundation, taking into account statics and physics of buildings occurring at the Auschwitz State Museum -Birkenau in Oświęcim ", 2014 – 2016

NCN 0450 / B / T02 / 2011/40, Multiparameter diagnosis of cement concretes exposed to fire temperatures, project no., NCN (2011 -2014), project manager - dr inż. Izabela Hager

6351 / IA / 137/2013, Ministry of Science and Higher Education Grant Purchase or manufacture of scientific research equipment constituting the research infrastructure entitled: "Expanding the research capabilities of the accredited Testing Laboratory for Building Materials and Structures", (15/02/2013 - 31/12/2013), project manager - dr inż. Stanisław Kańka

0721 / B / T02 / 2010/38 MNiSW (NCN): Influence of composition and volume shares of cement paste and mortar in ordinary and high-grade mortars on their permeability determined at gas flow, Ministry of Science and Higher Education (15.03.2010 - 14/03/2013), project manager - prof . dr hab. Eng. Jacek Śliwiński

2187 / B / T02 / 2010/38, MNiSW (NCN): Effect of polymer modifiers on the susceptibility of cementitious composites to the action of microorganisms, (15.03.2010 - 31.03.2013), project manager - dr hab. Inż.. Maria Fiertak, prof. PK

2439 / B / T02 / 2010/38, MNiSW Security measures and their mutual relations in the unique design situation of the developed fire, (30/03/2010 - 02/03/2013), project manager - dr hab. Inż. Mariusz Maślak, prof. PK


The most important scientific and research achievements in the last 10 years:

The Institute's scientific and research achievements in the last decade are related to both postdoctoral and postdoctoral dissertations (6) and doctorates (25), as well as a list of monographs and textbooks and the publication of approximately 800 publications by the Institute's academic staff.


The Institute initiated and organized regular scientific conferences, the more important of which are:

Scientific and Technical Conference – Material Problems in Civil Engineering "MATBUD"

Nationwide Scientific and Technical Conference - Energy-efficient Buildings - "ENERGODOM"

Scientific and Technical Conference - Engineering Problems of Renewal of Old Town Historic Ensembles - "REW-INŻ."

Scientific and Technical Conference - Reinforced Concrete and Compressed Tanks for Loose and Liquid Materials

International Conference - Analytical Models and New Concepts in Concrete and Masonry Structures - 4 editions