Scientific works in research, development and implementation – main directions:

- methodology of geometric design of roads and intersections

- methodology for the assessment of the impact of roads on the environment

- research the capacity of road intersections

- road safety

- traffic organization and control in cities

- materials technology and road paving

- mechanics of layered systems of bituminous road pavements

- pavement construction (including unconventional)

- diagnostics of rail tracks

- technical and economic studies of transport corridors

- analysis of the development of air transport in Poland

- methodology of transportation planning

- transport policy

- urban public transport - planning and exploitation

- travel modelling

- global impact of transport on the environment.


Research priorities:

- research on the effectiveness of intersections

- the impact of speed and access on road safety and environmental

- accident prediction models

- methods of calculating the capacity of road intersections

- application of simulation methods to study the effectiveness of traffic control at intersections

- application of geosynthetics in pavement construction

- mechanics of rail tracks

- diagnostics of rail tracks

- rail tracks construction

- unconventional use of rail tracks

- Trans-European rail freight corridors

- identification of traffic processes and dispatch control in public transport

- quality of public transport

- modelling of the transport tasks division

- functional and topological analysis of the street network

- integrity of transport systems


Activities related to conducting research include, among others:

initiating and implementing KBN grants; participation in international projects (including European Union research projects); implementation of research and works funded by road administration (GDDKiA), railway administration and local governments; implementation of research as part of statutory activities, own research and diploma theses; participation in scientific conferences in the country and abroad as well as participation in technical conferences; organization and co-organization of scientific conferences in the fields of research.


Research awards:

Award of the Minister for Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry (1998) for outstanding creative achievements in the field of environmental protection, water management, geology, forestry and nature conservation. The development and publication of the work “Assessment of the impact of road investments on the environment” (M. Tracz, J. Bohatkiewicz, S. Radosz et al.), GDDP, Warszawa 1997.

The Minister of Infrastructure award for the doctoral dissertation “The influence of geometry, conditions and organization of road traffic on the acoustic climate in the intersections’ surroundings” (J. Bohatkiewicz), 1999

The Minister of Infrastructure award for the postdoctoral thesis “Studies on vehicle speed and its impact on traffic safety” (distinction - S. Gaca) 2003

The Minister of Infrastructure award for the doctoral dissertation “Analysis of the effectiveness of quality improvement measures in public transport” (W. Dźwigoń), 2004

First degree team award of the City of Krakow in the field of science and technology (A. Rudnicki, 2000)

2 awards and 2 distinctions within national and international urban and transportation competitions