The Chair's offer of cooperation with business organizations:

            The offer of cooperation between the Chair of Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed  Concrete Structures L-1 and the industry comprises research and engineering works (including cooperation at the design stage) as well as scientific and technical opinions and expert reviews related to reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and masonry structures.


Our offer of cooperation with business includes in particular:

- comprehensive diagnostics of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and masonry structures;

- verification works and consultations of construction designs;

- evaluation of durability of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, i.e. corrosion of concrete and steel, prediction of service life of the structure;

- safety assessment of the load-bearing system of building and engineering structures, including historic buildings, with respect to environmental and chemo-mechanical effects;

- assessment of the load-bearing capacity and durability of industrial shell structures, including cooling towers and storage tanks for liquids;

- works related to precast concrete structures and their technological and material solutions;

- design of atypical structural solutions;

- numerical simulations of advanced design solutions, including analyses of multi-field issues;

- works related to crack analysis of semi-massive and massive reinforced concrete structures;

- evaluation of mechanical properties of concrete, reinforcing steel and prestressed steel;

- evaluation of rheological phenomena (concrete shrinkage, concrete creep, relaxation of prestressing steel) in concrete structures - effects, theoretical analysis;

- opinion/design/testing of the anchorage zone of prestressing tendons (shaping, damage, reinforcement);

- verification of performance of reinforcing bars in terms of adhesion of steel to concrete by means of a pull-out test;

- experimental tests of members and structures under static, dynamic and cyclic loading;

- verification and consulting in the area of construction and technical design as well as preparation of technical opinions and expert reports related to installation of structural health monitoring system in building structures,

- assessment of technical condition of building structures;

- expertise and technical opinions regarding assessment of the state of preservation (causes of damage) in residential and public buildings;

- assessment of the causes of crack occurrence in reinforced concrete structures at the execution stage;

- expert reports and technical opinions related to the causes of damage (state of preservation) of industrial floors, floor screeds, concrete surfaces e.g. parking lots, airfield pavements;

- expert reviews/technical opinions on plaster damage;

- expert reviews and assessments of emergency states;

- identification of mechanical properties of masonry in existing buildings, including historic buildings;

- design of repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures.