The Civil Engineering Faculty may be counted among the largest faculties of the Cracow University of Technology in terms of the faculty and staff quality and number as well as in terms of the student number. Altogether over 4000 students follow courses at our Faculty. The courses are organized either as full-time study or part-time study (sessions on Friday evenings and during weekends).

Majority of students used to follow one-level MSc studies, lasting 5 years. But, in conformance to the Bolonia process, this system of education is currently being phased out (beginning with 2007/2008 academic year) in favor of two tier studies: engineering studies (undergraduate, equivalent to BSc, called in Poland 1st cycle studies) and master level studies (graduate, leading to MSc, called 2nd cycle studies). The Faculty offers curricula in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Spatial management (the last one jointly with other faculties), with 18 majors. Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering have been approved by the State Accreditation Board.

    Besides educational activity our Faculty staff is active in the following research fields:
  • building materials and products,
  • experimental assessment and design of civil engineering structures and structural elements,
  • energy saving and environment-friendly buildings,
  • organization and management of building and transportation processes,
  • mechanics of material and structures,
  • computational methods in the theory of structures and mechanics of materials.

Our Faculty employs about 220 people in teaching and research, including 36 full and associate professors. Because of this high research and teaching potential, the Faculty is authorized to confer the titles of Doctor (PhD) and Doctor with so-called in Polish "habilitacja" (DSc) in two scientific areas: Civil Engineering and Mechanics.

For many years, the Faculty has taken great pride in being assigned to the first scientific category according to the criteria issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Two retired professors of our Faculty are elected members of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.