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The timetable is available on the WIL website in the FOR CURRENT STUDENTS tab.


Students have already been assigned to student groups - groups must be checked in the VIRTUAL DEAN'S OFFICE in the "groups" menu.

Below is a list of symbols that inform about the project or laboratory subgroup in a given dean's group:

GW 01 - lecture group

GĆ 01 - exercise group

P01 - first project group

P02 - second project group

K01 - first computer laboratories group

K02 - second computer  lab. group

K03 - third computer lab.  group

L01 - first laboratory group

L02 - second laboratory group

L03 - third laboratory group


Classes will be carried out as follows:

Remotely - lectures, exercises (if the subject also has other forms of classes, e.g. projects, laboratories)

Stationary - classes (if the subject consists only of lectures and exercises), projects, computer laboratories


The student ID card can be collected in room 302, third floor, main building. Remember about the earlier payment for the card.


Compulsory library training will be conducted on the MS TEAMS platform on October 1, 2021 at the following times:

The division into library training groups is not the same as belonging to a student group. In groups 1, 2, 3 there are students by album number (album number = student ID number). To quickly check which training group you are in in PDF files (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3), after opening the file, select the Ctrl and F keys at the same time and enter your album number. If no number is highlighted - repeat the operation in the next file.

       Group 1 - godz. 1:00 p.m. - link here

       Group 2 – godz. 4:00 p.m. - link here

       Gruop 3 – godz. 5:00 p.pm - link here

To enroll in the Library, read the course „Jak korzystać z Biblioteki PK (Studenci)” ("How to use the CUT Library (Students)"), take the test and approve the regulations. The course is available on the DELTA platform in the directory Biblioteka PK (Library PK). Access key to the course: Lądówka1 #.


While staying in CUT buildings, including during didactic classes, it is obligatory to wear face masks.


If you suspect yourself of being infected with coronavirus, you shall inform the International Relations Office at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. or the Erasmus Office at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. first. Later on you need to report to an isolation ward of one of the hospitals set by the Ministry of Health. Check below where to report.

1. Kraków, Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej – Szpital Uniwersytecki, ul. Macieja Jakubowskiego 2;
2. Kraków, Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Stefana Żeromskiego, Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej, os. Na Skarpie 66;
3. Kraków, Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Jana Pawła II, Oddział Chorób Infekcyjnych Dzieci i Hepatologii Dziecięcej, ul. Prądnicka 80

DO NOT come personally to any doctor's practice if you have fever, cough or shortness of breath!
Ministry of Health Hotline (24/7)
tel. +48 800-190-590
Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Cracow
tel. +48 667 881 188 (24/7)

Office 365 Education Online services for students of the Cracow University of Technology

Every student of the Cracow University of Technology has the possibility to use the OFFICE 365 Education Online package (including email with the address in the student.pk.edu.pl domain / mck.pk.edu.pl for MCK) free of charge as soon as the service has been activated. All 1st year students and students of the Erasmus program are asked to read the information on the website and to activate their accounts.